Monday, April 28, 2014

1 Week

Just over a week away from the first Enigma practice (May 6th)! I don’t think I could be more excited, we’re going to have a fantastic season.

Dayton Spring League has kicked off, and for those of you who didn’t register, you're missing out. A new administration has entered the Dayton League, ready to take over where Weyers left off. That’s right, now that Captain Crunch is out west, the White House is looking to keep the Dayton League title in the hands of the Enigma D line.

Oh yeah, and Ohio Valley Regionals were this past weekend. Great performances by all the local teams, including Cedarville (GOING TO DIII NATIONALS!). Sadly, the DI teams couldn’t get it done because Pitt is just a monster of a program. That said, UD played well this weekend and all of the Dayton teams had big seasons. Congrats to all of you!

Ok, Enigma stuff. Again, practice will start on the 6th. Since we are giving up Thursdays to Dayton League until this session is over, be prepared to do some drills and conditioning from the get go (it won’t be too hard I promise). I shouldn’t have to tell you what to bring, but just in case:
-Light shirt/jersey (white)
-Dark shirt/jersey (not gray)
-Dues (please get this to us as soon as you can)
-$35 if you are not in the Dayton League
-$20 if you are in the Dayton League

We are going to send out an email with this Schedule/Attendance sheet attached to it. Please fill it out if you will be there or not. We did this in 2012 and it helped with attendance and conditioning. If a player does not either fill out that “Yes”(or) "Green" I will be there, or “No” I won’t be there, then the players who are at practice will have to run for it at practice that night. Please be a good teammate and fill out the spreadsheet. Thanks!

Oh and enjoy this throwback:

Monday, April 14, 2014

3 More Weeks

Another awesome weekend of ultimate is behind us now, with Ohio State (hey Cody) coming out on top as the Ohio Conference champions. There was some crazy action, and I mainly stayed around the Dayton teams, but there were some great surprises this weekend. Congratulations to everyone who is going to Regionals in two weeks.

Both days, Wright State put scares into teams ranked ahead of them. Airstrike lost to both Case Western and Cincinnati on universe point, indicating things that might be coming in a couple weeks in Toledo.

Both Dayton teams played similarly well, and matched up in bracket play at the end of Sunday and we say UD come away with the win. The wind was terrible on Sunday, and UD was fortunate to get some upwind breaks at the beginning of the game which quickly put Wright State in a hole they could never get out of.

I shouldn't forget to mention Cedarville, who was probably a bit disappointed to not win the Conference in DIII. They will get a chance at revenge and are looking primed to make a serious run at Nationals.

This weekend was also the beginning of the AUDL season. The Cincinnati Revolution took on the Madison Radicals, and played a hard fought game. Unfortunately, some unforced errors and bad decisions allowed Madison to go on a run that put them ahead for good during the second quarter. Our very own Jamie Horne and Chris Hoy did some good work as the announcers, and I’m looking forward to more of their work. This area of the Revolution experience is already much improved over last season. Get out there on Friday to support the Rev when they play Chicago!

Lastly, after being around all of the Enigma guys and potential 2014 Enigmen this weekend, we are incredibly excited to get the season started. If I can say anything about the upcoming summer, I can say it’s going to be a blast.

And remember, zero - zero.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting Closer

It’s April! The weather is getting warmer, the college season is flying by, and the club season is getting closer. Next Saturday, April 12, the Cincinnati Revolution open their season at home against the Madison Radicals! I plan on being there and you should too. As mentioned before, there is a large Enigma presence on the team, and afterwards they are having a cool open house/party type of thing at Rhinegeist in Cincinnati (stay tuned). A bunch of club teams will have representatives there to recruit. Come and help us out with the recruiting!

On that note, don’t forget to fill out this FORM if you have even just an interest in playing Enigma this year. It’s been awesome to see the responses coming in from vets and prospective rookies.

The best two responses for the goals section:

“Poop on a lot of shoulders. Better defense on in-cuts, and when trailing deep cuts (footspeed and a fast read to reaction time). Have a stronger mark by learning to footblock like the Chode. Play physical on guys bigger than me. Don't let guys smaller than me get the disc. Ever. Drop a guy to the ground that is playing physical with me and no-contest his foul call. Sleep in a bed with Chad. Own Hammer of Thor. Throw an enigma party and play cups on sticks. Improve flick hucking by jerking off with Mike Ames. Heckle more. Keep not playing O-line. Stay sexy. Get a good tan. Consistent pulls. Sign a baby.”

“Sky some bitches and throw some hucks (oh and beat Madcow).”

If you know anyone that you think would be an awesome addition to the team, let them know about Enigma and/or get us their contact information. We appreciate it!

Zero - Zero