Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey ya'll

I just wanted to see how everyone's respective college teams have been doing thus far this year. I have this burning passion to hear anything ultimate related, because I haven't been able to compete in a tournament yet this fall. (stupid ankles, whatevs). But anways, if any Enigmen have had any exceptional plays, make a comment or tell me and I'll try to make it as exciting as possible with words as ultimate can get.

What do we have that I have heard of thus far:
  • OU and that gigantic freshman kid stomping some teams
  • OSU split squads are keeping the Enigma super secret plays just that. Oh yea, and apparently when J Baumann is on the side lines on feel-better-shoulder-drugs, he can be quite the comic
  • WSU is kicking it into higher gears on the field
  • Miami has cocky sophomores sending me texts about how good they are
  • I miss WashU players on the field. And by players I mean player
  • I haven't heard much from UD, someone spread the word
So if you have any sweet ultimate stories, or would like everyone to pop a squat and tell a half-time story about Scotty peeing on something he owns... Feel free to share.

Ahhhh, that was a successful "lunch" break. Hope the teams are rockin!
See ya fellas soon,