Monday, July 25, 2011

Swille in the Ville

This weekend Enigma not only showed up to Swill in the Ville, hosted by LouEvil; but we took away two items. One: a tie for a third place finish overall at the tournament. Two: a first place showing at the tournament party. How did this happen you ask? Well the voice of the generation (Phil for those of you less familiar) posed a simple question to Fudge.

Phil: "Do we win the party if it means a possible poor morning showing?" [more or less direct quote]
Fudge: *Raises Beer Mug*

And the party was as good as won. If you care for more intimate details I would highly recommend asking Michael about his facebook wall or Captain Crunch about his female literal enigma (a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation).

W 13 vs. Poppycock Love 8
W 13 vs. Midnight Meat Train B 7
W 10 vs. Voodoo (SO) 8
W 12 vs. Black Flag 2
W 15 vs. Beachfront Property 11
L 5 vs. 15 Dire Wolf

We brought 21 players to Swille in the Ville, and are still getting acclimated O and D lines, but it is working wonders! We went 4-0 day 1 which set us up to play Beachfront Property first game on day 2. After a 4-12 loss to Beachfront Property at Scinny just weeks ago, Enigma came out prepared with a commanding offense and a defense poised for breaks, one of which was a near callahan from your favorite Captain Crunch.

Players of Enigma, keep one word in mind: Sectionals. We have 7 weeks until Sectionals. We have 7 weeks until one tournament that dictates our entire season. I just wrapped up a 5 mile run. I'm sure Mike pumped iron at the gym. I know Phil destroyed the rule book after this weekend. What did you do today?