Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey ya'll

I just wanted to see how everyone's respective college teams have been doing thus far this year. I have this burning passion to hear anything ultimate related, because I haven't been able to compete in a tournament yet this fall. (stupid ankles, whatevs). But anways, if any Enigmen have had any exceptional plays, make a comment or tell me and I'll try to make it as exciting as possible with words as ultimate can get.

What do we have that I have heard of thus far:
  • OU and that gigantic freshman kid stomping some teams
  • OSU split squads are keeping the Enigma super secret plays just that. Oh yea, and apparently when J Baumann is on the side lines on feel-better-shoulder-drugs, he can be quite the comic
  • WSU is kicking it into higher gears on the field
  • Miami has cocky sophomores sending me texts about how good they are
  • I miss WashU players on the field. And by players I mean player
  • I haven't heard much from UD, someone spread the word
So if you have any sweet ultimate stories, or would like everyone to pop a squat and tell a half-time story about Scotty peeing on something he owns... Feel free to share.

Ahhhh, that was a successful "lunch" break. Hope the teams are rockin!
See ya fellas soon,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Season has come to an end

And the video is now up:

Well gentlemen, we had another excellent year culminated with a 7th place finally at Sectionals. Also, I have a teensy amount of footage (excluding all our great plays of course) so I'll be putting together another little video if it appears to be good enough. Anyways, here are the Sectionals results...

Day One:
W 17 - 8 Silver Bullet Band
L 17 - 12 Lake Effect
W 15 - 10 Ohio University

Day Two:
L 10 - 15 Kenobie
W 16 - 15 Joyce
L 13 - 14 Ohio University*

* UPA score reporter says something like 15 - 10 and that is bogus

So for those of you that weren't there, here is a brief recap. Enigma opened strong against Silver Bullet Band putting an emphasis on the game to come: Lake Effect. Against Silver Bullet Band, the fellows of Enigma capitalized on many turns and getting a few of their own. With the past experiences with Lake Effect, there was a great deal of anticipation for this game with both teams wanting to prove their place in the section.

Lake Effect came out well prepared on offense as well as on defense getting some crucial D's late in the game to seal their victory. The final game of day one was against OU who came out quick with a strong zone to stun Enigma early. But after taking that first deep breath, Enigma took a step back and proceeded to shred the college zone the way club teams love to do so much.

Day two began with a loss to "Russ in Tights," I'm sorry, I mean Kenobie. We played a good game but it was taken when "Russ in Tights" caught some hammer swill. Then came probably the most intense game of the weekend. Joyce. With the Baumanns playing for OSU and myself picking up Joyce at CHC, the desire for these 2 premier teams to prove their worth was quite obvious.

(I know this is beginning to be a little less brief then originally planned in case you were wondering) Enigma fought Joyce tooth and claw, trading upwind points, getting breaks, then Joyce answering right back. With a few layout D's from Mike Ames and a spectacular layout grab in the endzone from Scotty, Enigma closed the game 16 - 14. Then we lost to OU. Boo.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video from The Rock

Finally got this put together so I don't want to talk your ear off. Watch it here if you haven't seen it, or if you've seen it on Facebook still watch it here cuz the quality will be better.

Enigma: [The Rock] from Chris Powers on Vimeo.

Hope you like it, the slow motion, and that you get pumped up for Sectionals! I can't help it, but when Greg foot-blocks that guy and he puts his hands up then Greg is just walkin away, I love it. Bamf!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Fellas, time to start thinking about Sectionals. We still have just over a month to be in the best shape of our lives to tear the East. Plains. Up! I have Sectionals on my mind, because everyday since I moved to Findlay I have been running... and here is a bit of my mentality:

Whenever I head out on a run, I envision how this particular run is going to help me at Sectionals. Every time I think about slowing down, I think about playing D against Robotik or some other team we go head - to - head with. My man is cutting in, and I have been all over him the entire game. It doesn't matter that he's been busting ass and I'm wiped out, he does NOT get that disc. Everything I have is left on the field, and that is how you have to condition. If you think about slowing down on a run, pick up the pace, let the adrenaline flow and know you are going to smoke some guys in a couple weeks.

If you are lifting, doing plyos, or just tossing with a friend, throw the way you would in a game. Get snap on those throws! Practice low releases while throwing away from your body. Just keep this in the back of your mind: everything that are you doing, you are doing for a purpose.

Don't come to practice and pussyfoot around. Come out and play the way you would in game! Get pumped! Act crazy like Fudge during bid drill! Whatever it takes, get the mental portion of your game down.

Much love from Findaly,

Ps, consider yourselves lucky. There are people in Dayton that play ultimate. Findlay has a pre-teen girl soccer league.

Oh yea, I also forgot this post was about more than conditioning.... Sectionals info should be coming out soon. So far 14 teams have registered, but a few more still need to. I'll update the ole blog when our seed/pool is up.

Monday, August 3, 2009


So apparently the gentlemen of Enigma are quite photogenic, and attract quite the camera crew while tearing up the field in Rockford, Illinois this past weekend at The Rock. This video was on the news, and is now up online here. I have also joined the twitter craze, and Enigma tournament updates will be one of my "tweet topics" if you will. Check those out here.

All right, enough with the foreplay... Those photogenic gentlemen of Enigma came out absolutely blazing day one! Game one was against Gnarwhal, the 1 seed in our pool and the 2 seed overall. Windy conditions and few turnovers graced Enigma with a solid 15 - 5 upset. The scores improved for our opponents throughout the day, each team scoring one more than the prior.

Day 1 Results:
W Gnarwhal 15 - 5
W FC Champaign 15 -6
W Cornography 15 - 7
W Risky Bidness 15 - 8

Day 2 Results:
W Salvage 15 - 5
L Beachfront Property 6 - 15

Sorry to spoil the end of the weekend with those scores already, but day 2 started with a slow victory over Salvage (seen twice at Hoosier Hoedown). Without the intensity of upsetting the 2 seed going into the next game, Beachfront Property handed Enigma their first loss of the tournament, but the green column was filled enough to satisfy most. If that couldn't satisfy you, I hope the 34 day 1 point differential made up for it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hoosier Hoedown

Sorry it took a while to get these up, but here are the Hoosier Hoedown results:

Day 1:
L Indy Ruckus 12 - 13
W Salvage 13 - 10
L Spoiler 7 - 13
W Big River 13 - 3

Day 2:
L Madison Club 6 - 13
W Salvage 13 - 8
L Jizzapalooza 7 - 13

Congratulations on Butters and Greg on being the first members of Enigma to both receive the Gumball Award in the same weekend. In case you weren't here this past weekend, Butters had a mad sky over Wisconsin's All Region member: Jon Gaynor, Greg had some monstrous bids, not even just straight out... more like shoulder level launches into the air.

Gentlemen, we have 2 weeks of practice before The Rock, and that is going to be another big tournament for us. Again, there are going to be a lot of good teams there, so we need to make sure that we are ready.

Few things to consider during practice these next couple weeks:
  • If you guys get an opportunity outside of practice, try to get some running in. Any extra conditioning we get in before The Rock and Sectionals will give us that extra edge on those universe points we get stuck on so very often.
  • Abdominal workouts! Planks, crunches, etc... Get it done!
  • For that extra vertical, get some calf raises in fellas! Toes straight out, toes pointed in, and toes out.
Team photo taken courtesy of Mrs. Gooley

Enigma, guys if you have time through out the next two weeks, get some conditioning in and be ready for it during practices. Peace fellas.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Fellas, solid day one. Just so everyone knows, there is quite the heated competition for the gumball award this week. Currently our front runners for this prestigious award include Alan "Butters" Smith and Maximillian Streeter. What did these two have to say about this you may ask? Well Maximillian was unavailable for an interview, while Butters just looked at the camera with a stunning smile.

Day One Results:
W 15 - 6 Ohio University
L 12 -1 4 Robotik
L 6 - 15 LouEvil
W 15 - 4 The LeBrons

Day Two Results:
W 14 - 12 Silver Bullet
L 10 - 15 Indy Ruckus

Well, day one started off well. Enigma rolled a short handed Ohio alumni team as a good warmup for a tough fought game against Robotik (very much Hoosiermamma). Robotik took half 8-4, but Eingma played touch man D, and brought the game to 12's. After very long points, Robotik pulled away and and snagged a 12-14 victory over Enigma. LouEvil was the next game we had. They played well. 6 - 15 LouEvil. That is all. Enigma closed out day one playing Cleveland with a few players from No Surf. But with 2 losses on our minds from today, and two from Cleveland at No Surf, Enigma took a stand and won 15 - 4. (With the help of some young and inexperienced Cleveland players)

This picture is what Enigma is all about

Bring it in guys, and no table topping!

Throw low!

Great playing overall this weekend and congrats to Max on winning the gumball for not only his performance on the field, but for devouring the entire Wendy's value meal. Everyone take Monday off and come out to The Pub at the Greene for trivia night!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Surf

Dear Enigma,
Great playing this weekend.  Everyone improved tremendously and had an exceptional weekend all around.  Few key pointers to remember:  

5. "Eniiiiigma.  Yum!"
4. Hucks from Fudge, Mike, and Beffel hitting T many a time
3. Kevin playing nearly every point of every game, and playing quite well if I do say so myself
2. Derek's first point in his first club game
1. Justin's monster sky over Cleveland R when we thought all hope was lost

Day one results:
L 8 - 13 Bear Proof
L 8 - 13 Cleveland R
W 13 -11 Flying Pig
L 3- 13 Rumspringa

Day 2 Results:
W 15 - 8 Waddle (Cleveland Masters)
W 16 - 14 Impulse
L 7 - 15 Cleveland R

Finally guys, great playing this weekend.  Be ready to come out explosive in practice this week to prepare for Scinny.  I want to see many a gumball competitor this weekend!  One more time, great playing, and be ready to improve more this upcoming week of practice.  E...N...I!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Gentlemen, the jerseys have been ordered. For your viewing pleasure, here is what your new jerseys will look like as soon as we get them in:

The only difference just may be along the lines of we ordered short sleeve jerseys. Sorry Joefish, I know you love to rock the 3 quarters with your headband.

Make sure to get out to practice Thursday! Again if you know Peg and Z are at The Pub, promise them Guiness or something, whatever it takes to get everyone out. Guys, we've had a great past couple days of conditioning filled ultimate, let's make the next week before No Surf a good one!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Congrats Carleton and Will Neff!

Congratulations to Carleton on their national title with a 15 - 9 victory over Colorado. Another congratulations is due to Great Lakes member, Will Neff of Michigan for receiving the Callahan Award. Neff came through against Black Tide to lead Michigan to a quarter finals appearance against Colorado. Although Neff and Michigan gave the Mamabirds a run for their money, Colorado pulled through in the end. I took some video and here are a few samples that should give some insight... There will be a compiled highlight reel from Nats as soon as I get it all put together. Until then, I hope this satisfies your thirst for some ultimate footage

This briefly shows one of Colorado's styles of warming up their hands before a big game. Maybe they are onto something. They don't the Black Tide's style of "spray" that our very own Addison is so fond of, but this seems to work slightly more effectively. When watching these videos may I suggest following the video title link to Vimeo to be able to view the clips in HD. (Just a little sharper)

Pretty solid layout right here. Although the Texas guy had somewhat of a stumble, there is no way Wisconsin was going to let the disc get to him. Texas ended up winning the game though, 13 -12 over the Hodags.I hope you enjoyed these little clips and that they also get you pumped up. It's Memorial Day, but practice is still from 6-8. Watch some ultimate, get your blood flowing, then get ready for some solid scrimmaging tonight.

One more video for you from the Great Lakes region, and one from Texas. I could not decide which to upload, so I chose both. Although Illinois didn't manage to come out victorious (at all) this weekend, they managed to turn some heads. So again, watch these videos until you get an adrenaline rush then come to practice tonight and do the same.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Week of Practice

Enigma, great first week of practice. Consistent numbers are going to be clutch when it comes to developing this team. Nationals is this weekend, and I would highly recommend spectating if you get a chance. Another national competition being held in Columbus is a great opportunity for you to see how to throw that break mark just a little better, or maybe to get the edge on laying out or skying the competition.

The top 20 teams in the nation will be gathered here in Ohio, including Carleton (1), Colorado (2), Wisconsin (3), and Virginia (4). The Great Lakes are being represented by Illinois (8) and Michigan (9), being led by callahan candidate Will Neff. This weekend could lead to some excellent insight onto what Enigma needs to make a fall appearance in Sarasota, FL. These next 3 days of ultimate will be full of spectacular ultimate, followed by a fourth day to determine the next UPA national champion.

Whatever you do this weekend, get ready for the next week of practice with the premier Dayton club team, Enigma.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Practice & Tournaments

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the premier Dayton club team. We will be having open practices Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the remainder of this week and all of next week. Practices will be held from 6-8 at the lacrosse fields near Stewart and Brown St.

If you are interested in playing with Enigma, and you have not contacted us yet, come to practice or send us an e-mail. Josh Foor and Chris Powers will be the captains this season, following last year's captain and founder of Enigma, Addison Hoover.

Send us an e-mail to let us know your interested:

Josh Foor

Chris Powers

No Surf : 6/20 - 6/21
Scinny : 6/27 - 6/28
Hoosier Hoedown : 7/11 - 7/12
The Rock : 8/1 - 8/2
Sectionals TBA

I am pumped for this season, and I hope that if you are reading this you are equally as excited to tear up some ultimate