Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Up Next: Regionals

We are just over one week away from the culmination of all the work put in over the course of the last 4.5 months. The Great Lakes Regional Tournament is next weekend, and everything Enigma has set our sights on achieving is getting oh so close.

After a fifth place finish at Sectionals in Versailles, Enigma will be headed to Regionals seeded in the middle of the pack and ready to make memories in West Chester. We are excited for the chance to play the best teams that Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan have to offer, and we are glad to once again be a part of it.

Time for an Enigma history lesson!

This is the fifth time that Enigma has qualified for Regionals. The 2014 team's fifth place finish at Sectionals may be the worst Sectionals finish for Enigma since 2009, but this team lost only two games last weekend and played the toughest competition very close. Take a look at the Enigma history:

Enigma 2014

With two practices left in the season, every touch and every throw counts toward better performance next weekend. Enigma players should be preparing their bodies for the best competition they've seen all year and readying themselves to play their best ultimate at the right time.

The 2014 team has a chance to make a real name for Dayton Ultimate. This year was quite the change from last year, but Enigma still has the opportunity to do big things this weekend. Nothing is sweeter than ruining a tournament for another team. As a middle of the pack seed, we have the chance to do that. With an eye on the future, Enigma should push to finish as high as possible next weekend so that new opportunities may open up next season. ZERO ZERO