Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st Tourney Victory

Sorry gentlemen, it has been a while. But it is time to expand on the limited blogging that has happened in the near past. Enigma has been to No Surf, Scinny, and now the Bourbon Bowl tournament. The "latterest" of these tourneys, Enigma got stuck in traffic on I-75 and arrived 15 minutes late to the fields: promptly cleating up, lacking warm ups, and lost our 2 first games by approximately 7 points total if I remember correctly.

Enigma 9 vs. Lex Lutheran Alum 13
Enigma 10 vs. Silver Bullet Band 13

The next game was enjoyable, for there was an opponent. Approximately the height of myself (fudge). Wearing matching cleats. Matching shorts. Hat and manorisms were also strikingly similar and quickly became known as "skinny me" from the perspective of our similar opponent. Enigma managed to pull out a 13 - 9 victory that sent precedent for the remainder of the tournament.

With motivation of free beer and a hotel stay, Enigma won their next game 13 - 2 with 0* turnovers (which was the deed to be done for said beers and hotels).

On day 2 Enigma. Didn't. Mess. Around. Game 1 was against Breaker's Mark and Enigma took the game at 13 - 4. Next came the looong bye round for Enigma as Silver Bullet Band and Breakers Mark were hard capped in a game to 13. For all of you that recall, we chose fantasy players and "Socks" was the victor with 2.5 fantasy points. And a glorious bye it was. But a bitter taste was left in the Enigmatic mouths from the day before. It was time for revenge.

Enigma (3 seed) played the 2nd seed Silver Bullet Band and Enigma took the game 13 - 2. After playing a total of 56 points in the first 2 games on day 2, Silver Bullet Band's zone could not contain the Enigmen. So the finals rolled around, and Enigma was to play Lex Lutheran Alum again. Although this game we had the injured side line support of Dungeon-Master Baumann. That must have been what we needed (plus the extra wrist band he provided), for Enimga went on to win 13 - 10 to pull out the first tournament victory in the premier Dayton club team's history.

GUMBALL WINNER: Chris Weyers for spectacular layout D's and never ending intensity on the field.

*Fudge and Weyers were paying for the beer and hotel, so their turns were not counted (3 total)