Saturday, June 27, 2009


Fellas, solid day one. Just so everyone knows, there is quite the heated competition for the gumball award this week. Currently our front runners for this prestigious award include Alan "Butters" Smith and Maximillian Streeter. What did these two have to say about this you may ask? Well Maximillian was unavailable for an interview, while Butters just looked at the camera with a stunning smile.

Day One Results:
W 15 - 6 Ohio University
L 12 -1 4 Robotik
L 6 - 15 LouEvil
W 15 - 4 The LeBrons

Day Two Results:
W 14 - 12 Silver Bullet
L 10 - 15 Indy Ruckus

Well, day one started off well. Enigma rolled a short handed Ohio alumni team as a good warmup for a tough fought game against Robotik (very much Hoosiermamma). Robotik took half 8-4, but Eingma played touch man D, and brought the game to 12's. After very long points, Robotik pulled away and and snagged a 12-14 victory over Enigma. LouEvil was the next game we had. They played well. 6 - 15 LouEvil. That is all. Enigma closed out day one playing Cleveland with a few players from No Surf. But with 2 losses on our minds from today, and two from Cleveland at No Surf, Enigma took a stand and won 15 - 4. (With the help of some young and inexperienced Cleveland players)

This picture is what Enigma is all about

Bring it in guys, and no table topping!

Throw low!

Great playing overall this weekend and congrats to Max on winning the gumball for not only his performance on the field, but for devouring the entire Wendy's value meal. Everyone take Monday off and come out to The Pub at the Greene for trivia night!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Surf

Dear Enigma,
Great playing this weekend.  Everyone improved tremendously and had an exceptional weekend all around.  Few key pointers to remember:  

5. "Eniiiiigma.  Yum!"
4. Hucks from Fudge, Mike, and Beffel hitting T many a time
3. Kevin playing nearly every point of every game, and playing quite well if I do say so myself
2. Derek's first point in his first club game
1. Justin's monster sky over Cleveland R when we thought all hope was lost

Day one results:
L 8 - 13 Bear Proof
L 8 - 13 Cleveland R
W 13 -11 Flying Pig
L 3- 13 Rumspringa

Day 2 Results:
W 15 - 8 Waddle (Cleveland Masters)
W 16 - 14 Impulse
L 7 - 15 Cleveland R

Finally guys, great playing this weekend.  Be ready to come out explosive in practice this week to prepare for Scinny.  I want to see many a gumball competitor this weekend!  One more time, great playing, and be ready to improve more this upcoming week of practice.  E...N...I!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Gentlemen, the jerseys have been ordered. For your viewing pleasure, here is what your new jerseys will look like as soon as we get them in:

The only difference just may be along the lines of we ordered short sleeve jerseys. Sorry Joefish, I know you love to rock the 3 quarters with your headband.

Make sure to get out to practice Thursday! Again if you know Peg and Z are at The Pub, promise them Guiness or something, whatever it takes to get everyone out. Guys, we've had a great past couple days of conditioning filled ultimate, let's make the next week before No Surf a good one!