Monday, October 8, 2012

Regionals '12

This year Regionals was in Rockford, Illinois. Which is a welcoming location when compared to Wisconsin and Minnesota where Regionals has been the past 2 years. (although it does seem slightly less central now that our region is comprised of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky). Regardless of the location, Enigma had one goal in mind. That goal was to again qualify for regionals, and this time make that the tournament we peak at, not Sectionals. In years past we have put together a good showing at Sectionals, but we struggle to get a full roster that performs at Regionals

To save this post from being extremely long, Enigma posted a 7th place finish out of a 10 team region with 3 wins and 4 losses. Close losses to Haymaker (13-15) and Natives (10-14) bumped us out of the 3rd and 5th place bracket on Sunday.

What pleases me about the weekend tho, was we were in contention the majority of the games. Ok ok, you're right. We only put up 7 on Machine and Beachfront, but I don't believe Machine enjoyed trading points till 4's to start the game. Beach also came out with a ferocity from a somewhat chippy game at Motown and made it known they were there to win. This just might shape up to be an interesting matchup to check out in the future. Mike, make sure you are there next time.

Things to keep in mind for next year: much of the talent on this Premier Dayton squad is remaining in the area. The college "feeder" teams are scheduling intense seasons that should make for some excellent returning players as well as sparking the interest for new players to tryout. Rumors have also been going around that a few Enigmen may be dabbling in the AUDL for it's second season.

Now that all the lies and hype are out of the way, here is the Regionals highlight reel. Full game footage will follow as my time and internet connection allow.

Monday, May 7, 2012

See what your college teammates have been up to throughout the series. I hope at least something in one of these videos will get you pumped up for the upcoming season. Tomorrow is our first session of pickup. 6pm at Forest Field.  Get ready to lay out!