Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't. Get. Beat.

I've been watching a few videos of Enigma past, and this is the year. This year is time. With a full roster the past two years, it's time to kick it up a notch.

From the past couple years, we have honed a few aspects of our game. But I am not sure that we have evolved yet.

We also have a terrible tendency of highlighting our best games, which unfortunately are not displaying the caliber of ultimate we need to be playing.

Want it more than the next guy. You are ignorant if you don't think other club teams are utilizing this "off season" for club playing with college teams, conditioning, or traveling to the AUDL combines. Here are a few of the clips from when the battery wasn't dead at Swill in the Ville:

Do what you can in this off season to both mentally and physically prepare yourself for a stellar club season. I've said before I've hit my economies of scale when it comes to ultimate. Fuck that. I just wasn't mentally prepared to take time to rest and recover, then get back to training. That time is now. Make it yours too.