Monday, November 28, 2011

Don't. Get. Beat.

I've been watching a few videos of Enigma past, and this is the year. This year is time. With a full roster the past two years, it's time to kick it up a notch.

From the past couple years, we have honed a few aspects of our game. But I am not sure that we have evolved yet.

We also have a terrible tendency of highlighting our best games, which unfortunately are not displaying the caliber of ultimate we need to be playing.

Want it more than the next guy. You are ignorant if you don't think other club teams are utilizing this "off season" for club playing with college teams, conditioning, or traveling to the AUDL combines. Here are a few of the clips from when the battery wasn't dead at Swill in the Ville:

Do what you can in this off season to both mentally and physically prepare yourself for a stellar club season. I've said before I've hit my economies of scale when it comes to ultimate. Fuck that. I just wasn't mentally prepared to take time to rest and recover, then get back to training. That time is now. Make it yours too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sectionals '11

Enigma came into Sectionals seeded 7th of 24 Club Open Teams. The 6 teams seeded above Enigma (in order) were Madcow, Evil, Lake Effect, Hustle, Jurassic Shark, and Super Phun Thyme. With the 7th seed going into the tournament, Enigma's pool turned out to be Evil, Enigma, Potbelly (mostly masters team from Columbus), and Breaker's Mark. On Saturday we did what we were supposed to do. We beat both Potbelly and Breaker's Mark and lost to Evil.

Against Evil, Enigma went down 3 breaks early, but with the leadership, experience, and intensity of a hungry D-line led by Weyers, Enigma fought back to earn the breaks back and then trade O points. The two teams enjoyed a huck fest and few mistakes until the score was 10-10 and Evil pulled away with 5 breaks to end the game.

By holding seed, Enigma was set up in a way that if we won 2 games on Sunday, we would advance to Regionals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the first weekend of October. This has been on everyone's mind throughout the entire summer, and Sunday of Sectionals was time to show it.

Game 1: Madador.
Enigma came out fired up against Madcow's reserve squad! Smooth handling, sharp cuts, and Dilworth's layout D's set Enigma up with a 5 point lead at half time. Madador was not put out tho, as they fought back with multiple breaks at the end of the game to bring the game within 3 points (14 - 11 in favor of Enigma). Phil Brodrick, the "Voice of the Generation" looked around, provided a motivational word or two, and Enigma worked in down to score and take the game 15-11. Half of what we needed for the day was complete, but games were only going to get more difficult.

Game 2: Hustle.
Enigma and Hustle met for the first time approximately a month before Sectionals at Nati '11 with Hustle taking the "W" 15-9. With a slightly bitter taste left in our mouths, Enigma was poised to yield different results this time around. Anderson vs. Giese. Weyers vs. Biz. Fudge vs. Bayer. This game was intense. Enigma pulled to start and ended up taking half up one break with the score 8-7. But right out of the half, an errant pass was D'd by Hustle to tie the game right back up. As the wind picked up and rain seemed imminent, handle movement and inside cuts were crucial for both teams. Enigma's D line was able to force turns and capitalize on the change of possession to put Enigma up 13-11. With Hustle pulling and the game being capped at 14, possession was everything. Mike, Phil, and Fudge worked the disc up thru inside cuts, quick breaks, and perfect hands. A steady goal line toss to T Knight caused an eruption on the Enigma sideline! We we're going to Regionals! But the games weren't over yet. Jurassic Shark, the 5th place overall seed just upset Lake Effect to play in the 3rd/4th place game.

Game 3: Jurassic Shark.
For almost the entire first half, the Shark game was breezing bye! Hucks from Evan on Shark, puts from Mike and Phil on Enigma were making this game fly! At 7-7, lightening was spotted as Shark was about to pull... 50 minutes and a few snacks later, we were back on the field. Enigma puts it in to take half 8-7 and after the delay we have a pretty short half time story. I apologize as the next 7 or 8 points are slightly hazy as Mr. Kaylor provided Cheez-It's and my priorities went there... But needless to say we come to an odd predicament. Enigma is up 15-14 and scores! Up by 2, games capped at 16, it must be over right? Again, apparently not. I really don't know the details of why we played the next point, but we did. After working the disc, Shark throw upline to Weyer's man. Biiiiiig mistake. A gorgeous eye-level layout propels Captain Airforce thru a monster layout D! 2 or 3 swings later, Enigma puts the disc in the end zone for the game! 17-14... and long story short after a few e-mails to observers and ultimate officials, the game should have been done at 16-14.

Game 4: Evil.
We were reaaaaally tired. They reaaaaally wanted to win. They did. 15-3 Evil.

Hammer of Thor: was split in 2 and unanimously awarded to Weyers and Dilworth for the continued layout D's and exceptional offense after getting said D's.

Gumball: Mark Anderson for relentless cutting and on the flip side intense D in the event of a turn.

I hope that made sense, I crossed back and forth between "Enigma" and "we" quite often. So I would appreciate it if this doesn't reach my 9th grade literature teacher... Anyways, if you weren't there to reap the glory with us, we got 3rd overall and I hope this helps your enjoyment levels.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Swille in the Ville

This weekend Enigma not only showed up to Swill in the Ville, hosted by LouEvil; but we took away two items. One: a tie for a third place finish overall at the tournament. Two: a first place showing at the tournament party. How did this happen you ask? Well the voice of the generation (Phil for those of you less familiar) posed a simple question to Fudge.

Phil: "Do we win the party if it means a possible poor morning showing?" [more or less direct quote]
Fudge: *Raises Beer Mug*

And the party was as good as won. If you care for more intimate details I would highly recommend asking Michael about his facebook wall or Captain Crunch about his female literal enigma (a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation).

W 13 vs. Poppycock Love 8
W 13 vs. Midnight Meat Train B 7
W 10 vs. Voodoo (SO) 8
W 12 vs. Black Flag 2
W 15 vs. Beachfront Property 11
L 5 vs. 15 Dire Wolf

We brought 21 players to Swille in the Ville, and are still getting acclimated O and D lines, but it is working wonders! We went 4-0 day 1 which set us up to play Beachfront Property first game on day 2. After a 4-12 loss to Beachfront Property at Scinny just weeks ago, Enigma came out prepared with a commanding offense and a defense poised for breaks, one of which was a near callahan from your favorite Captain Crunch.

Players of Enigma, keep one word in mind: Sectionals. We have 7 weeks until Sectionals. We have 7 weeks until one tournament that dictates our entire season. I just wrapped up a 5 mile run. I'm sure Mike pumped iron at the gym. I know Phil destroyed the rule book after this weekend. What did you do today?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Practice

It has been brought to my attention that the blog hasn't been updated much in the recent past, so hopefully this brief post will help. Enigma's 4th season has been through the pickup portion, and today was the first day of practice. As far as numbers go, we were just under 20 guys ranging from 4th year Enigma Veterans to Rookies.

Enigma prides themselves both on competitive sport as well as spirit of the game, and this mind set will be carried on through the 2011 club season. In addition to competing in the Club Series, Enigma is looking to grow the sport of Ultimate in the premier location of Dayton, OH. Surrounded by Cincinnati and Columbus, Dayton natives are forced to travel for summer leagues, high schoolers have no elders to look up to, and ultimate is really only focused in on at the College Level. This year, Enigma will be a competitive team, that turns no one away if the desire and passion to play ultimate is there.

Here is the tournament schedule, I was going to write something about smart cutting and field vision, but I found it's slightly complicated when all I want to do is sleep. I'll have to return to that...

Tournament Schedule:

6/24-6/25 - Scinny in Cincinnati, OH
7/9-7/10 - Hoosier Hodown in Bloomington, IN
7/23-7/24 - Swille in the Ville in Louisville, KY
8/6-8/7 - Kentucky Classic in Louisville, KY
8/20-8/21 - Cooler Classic in Milwaukee, WI
8/27-8/28 - Nati Open in Cincinnati

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Club

Practice Schedule
  • Tuesdays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Thursdays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturdays 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (TENTATIVE)

This season looks very promising with a bunch of young and new interest coming to Enigma. Stay tuned for results throughout the season!