Tuesday, March 18, 2014



We are one week closer to the beginning of Enigma 2014. This past weekend was Boogie Nights at Miami, and it was a lot of fun. Enigmen were found on various teams, and potential recruits were everywhere.

Wright State ended up winning the tournament and seemed to be pretty dominant all weekend. The only close game was the last game of pool play on Saturday against UD Alumni. I was fortunate to be playing with Get Old Force for that game, and was impressed by many of the guys who will hopefully be joining Enigma this summer. Airstrike pulled that game out on universe point to get the 15-14 win. Oh, and Jack Kelly had possibly the best catch I’ve ever seen in my life. The kid has all sorts of #BallerLayouts

There really is a different feeling about this offseason. Seeing so many guys playing for the Revolution, and the excitement around watching them next month is awesome. Hearing great buzz about Enigmen lighting up the college game is fantastic. Knowing how many guys are getting involved at the youth level and in the local leagues is inspiring. Enigma is a major, MAJOR, part of the ultimate community; it’s an honor to know you’re a piece of that.

What’s really exciting, and also different, about this offseason is the preparation that’s being put in. Hearing from numerous guys about how they are working to get ready for the summer is incredibly encouraging. Keep doing work yall!

Last thing. I saw that Ultiworld reported the AUDL will have at least a few of their games on ESPN3. That’s awesome news and I can’t wait to get more details! I have some interesting thoughts on how this impacts the whole pro league vs. pro league vs USAU saga, but that’s not really Enigma related, so I won’t get into that here. You can view my wall for what I think about that.

Thanks bye.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Get Ready

Enigma 2014 is almost underway! Get excited, get amped, pumped, jacked, stoked, other words Peter might use! Most of all, get fully torqued! It’s March, and we are only a couple of months away from the kickoff (pull?) of our 2014 season!

Ideas for 2014 are becoming plans for 2014, and plans for 2014 will soon become things we are actually doing for 2014. Expect to receive an email later this week about the upcoming season. In the email you will receive a form to fill out so that we can gauge your expectations going in and see if they match our goals.

Enigmen in college, make sure you talk to your teammates about Enigma and get your studs interested in Dayton’s Premier Club Team. We are looking for as much talent as possible, but we also want to make sure this is still the awesome group of dudes that it always has been. Most of all, there are certain teams that we’d all love to beat. I don’t need to say who.

Our first tournament will be Monkey Bowl. So mark on your calendars that you’ll be in Nashville the last day of May and first day of June. There will be some good teams there, and they say they have an awesome party. We will have massive amounts of fun.

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please bring them to Token or me. We want to be as transparent as possible and make sure we are communicating everything we can, so please let us help if you need anything from us.