Saturday, September 7, 2013

We looked good today gents, came out 4-0 with wins over Midnight Meat Train, High Society, BroCats, and KFC. Tomorrow we start off against High Five (number 1 seed going into the tourney). Keep up the enthusiasm from the sideline and make sure you're ready to roll in the morning.

Thanks to Chase for getting some good footage out there today!

Now everyone give Matt a compliment

See you guys at 9:30

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hoosier Hoedown

Enigma vs Cakti 8-13

I don't know how to say it other than we came out flat footed and arrogant to start this game. We had the majority of our roster this weekend (22 of 27 guys) but could not put together a good first game. We under estimated our opponents who most definitely out-played us. Sloppy turns and a lack of hustle prevented us from putting up a decent score. This game left a bitter taste until the last game of the weekend. Notable play: Rapsheet's layout score in the endzone.

Enigma vs KFC 13-8

Maybe we just needed a game to wake up, but against KFC we were clicking on all cylinders. We had many less mistakes then the Cakti game and capitalized on KFC's turns. This game was heated at times, but we executed on offense and D did their job getting breaks. Notable play: Ames' layout D.

Enigma vs Jurassic Shark 13-6

Shark seemed to be suffering from some roster turnover and even tho we had a handful of tight points, our D line spent a lot time on the field in this game.

Enigma vs Brickyard 9-13

The middle two games of the day would have set us up well for a good game against brickyard, but after what ended up being close to a 2 hour bye we were back to our round 1 selves. Brickyard scored their first O point then broke us 2 or 3 times before we could clear our heads and get back on track. We defaulted to making the same mental mistakes and miscues that killed us in the Cakti game. We rallied a few breaks of our own to come within 1 down 8-9, but Indy's new club team closed the game out well.

After a long day of ultimate ending nearly around 6 pm, a combination of the pool followed by large Margaritas at Texas Roadhouse seemed like the only viable way to prepare for Day 2 of this lovely tournament. [Manly challenge: peach margaritias. Oh yea. Throw that kicker shot in to show everyone how much more of a man you are]

Enigma vs Pocket City Approach 13-10

We were determined to start off Day 2 better than Day 1, but this game was also closer than we would have liked. O line and D line both rolled the first half and then it felt like we slipped the clutch into neutral. Before we knew it they had broken us multiple times to bring the game within 1. From there we engaged 5th and thru the metal to the floor, but if there is one thing to take away from this weekend it is getting your mind right for each and every point. Just becauase we are up or down by a lot doesn't mean we are in the clear or out of the game. Keep your eyes on the prize and these rounds will go quicker in the future.

Enigma vs Brick City 13-0

Brick City looked like they had some athletes but could be low on numbers, but we didn't want to underestimate a team again (the way we did with Cakti). So we came out strong and executed on both sides of the field.

Enigma vs Cakti 13-8

It was time for revenge. Because Shark and Cakti had played today already, they decided to have us play Cakti rather than INFamous. We came out strong and made some big plays in the game. Weyers was all over the place on D (would you expect anything else) and Travis was open on every in cut. O line did have some errors late in this game as well, but D line prevailed to let Enigma end up on top.

All in all it was a good weekend with the premier club team from Dayton, OH. I'm glad to be back in the swing of club, although my body is a couple of days behind me. Time to ice, dueces!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Season

Pickup - this will be a time to get to know the players that are planning on playing with Enigma during the season

5/7 - 5/16
6pm - 8 pm
Forest Field in Centerville, OH



Starting 5/21 and every Tuesday/Thursday from 6pm - 8pm at Forest Field

Tournaments - these are tournaments we will be attending this year (subject to change)

6/8-9 No Surf
6/29-30 SCINNY
7/13-14 Huckfest (Alabama)
7/27-38 MoTown (Sylvania)
8/11-12 Hoosier Hoedown
TBD Sectionals
TBD Regionals

Last year we had a specific set of dates for tryouts to try and set a roster early and maintain it throughout the year, but that will change this year. We will plan on meeting with everyone individually, discussing their roles for the team throughout the season, and then seeing how that aligns with our goals and determining the roster from there.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dayton is moving on up

I would like to congratulate the members of Enigma that have committed to playing in the second season of the AUDL (links are available to all team member's twitter accounts so you can follow them throughout the season):

Mike Ames
Todd Chamberlain
Mark Federenko
Chris Powers
John Siemer

The AUDL season begins with the Cincinnati Revolution hosting the Chicago Wildfire on 4/12 at 7:30pm at Sheakley Athletic Complex. Tickets for that opening game are available here! In other Dayton news, the first spring league is well under way. Details can be found on Facebook and if you haven't already registered you can pickup for $5 each week.

Good things are happening in Dayton, be a part of it.