Thursday, August 20, 2009


Fellas, time to start thinking about Sectionals. We still have just over a month to be in the best shape of our lives to tear the East. Plains. Up! I have Sectionals on my mind, because everyday since I moved to Findlay I have been running... and here is a bit of my mentality:

Whenever I head out on a run, I envision how this particular run is going to help me at Sectionals. Every time I think about slowing down, I think about playing D against Robotik or some other team we go head - to - head with. My man is cutting in, and I have been all over him the entire game. It doesn't matter that he's been busting ass and I'm wiped out, he does NOT get that disc. Everything I have is left on the field, and that is how you have to condition. If you think about slowing down on a run, pick up the pace, let the adrenaline flow and know you are going to smoke some guys in a couple weeks.

If you are lifting, doing plyos, or just tossing with a friend, throw the way you would in a game. Get snap on those throws! Practice low releases while throwing away from your body. Just keep this in the back of your mind: everything that are you doing, you are doing for a purpose.

Don't come to practice and pussyfoot around. Come out and play the way you would in game! Get pumped! Act crazy like Fudge during bid drill! Whatever it takes, get the mental portion of your game down.

Much love from Findaly,

Ps, consider yourselves lucky. There are people in Dayton that play ultimate. Findlay has a pre-teen girl soccer league.

Oh yea, I also forgot this post was about more than conditioning.... Sectionals info should be coming out soon. So far 14 teams have registered, but a few more still need to. I'll update the ole blog when our seed/pool is up.

Monday, August 3, 2009


So apparently the gentlemen of Enigma are quite photogenic, and attract quite the camera crew while tearing up the field in Rockford, Illinois this past weekend at The Rock. This video was on the news, and is now up online here. I have also joined the twitter craze, and Enigma tournament updates will be one of my "tweet topics" if you will. Check those out here.

All right, enough with the foreplay... Those photogenic gentlemen of Enigma came out absolutely blazing day one! Game one was against Gnarwhal, the 1 seed in our pool and the 2 seed overall. Windy conditions and few turnovers graced Enigma with a solid 15 - 5 upset. The scores improved for our opponents throughout the day, each team scoring one more than the prior.

Day 1 Results:
W Gnarwhal 15 - 5
W FC Champaign 15 -6
W Cornography 15 - 7
W Risky Bidness 15 - 8

Day 2 Results:
W Salvage 15 - 5
L Beachfront Property 6 - 15

Sorry to spoil the end of the weekend with those scores already, but day 2 started with a slow victory over Salvage (seen twice at Hoosier Hoedown). Without the intensity of upsetting the 2 seed going into the next game, Beachfront Property handed Enigma their first loss of the tournament, but the green column was filled enough to satisfy most. If that couldn't satisfy you, I hope the 34 day 1 point differential made up for it.