Monday, June 30, 2014

Tryouts Are Over

Scinny is over, Enigma went 3-4 and finished fifth. With that, the tryout process is over. We thank everyone who came out and made our decisions difficult, it really was tough picking the last few spots. We had great turnouts over the course of the last couple of months, and hopefully everyone had fun even if they didn’t make the roster. Please continue to come out to practice if you are interested. We’d love to help you become a better ultimate player and spend more time with all of you. Also, if anyone gets injured or simply can’t make a tournament we may be calling on some of our practice squad players to step in. Plus, if you ordered a jersey, we will still get that to you when they come in. If anyone still owes money, please get that in asap.

Those who are on the roster, congratulations! We are ready to get serious about the season ahead of us. Motown Throwdown and The Three Ring Rally are about a month away, so we have plenty of time to continue improving. Get your final roster dues ($20) to me so that we can pay for the Series.

I’ll announce the roster below, but first a little recap of Scinny. We came in with expectations to compete for the Golden Gnome, and this weekend Enigma did a lot of competing for sure. Losing by 2 points in each of the first three games, at a tryout tournament, was frustrating. Backs against the wall though, Enigma was able to get a win to play for the gnome on Sunday. This was short lived, however, as we weren’t able to pull out the win over Castle. In the second game on Sunday, Enigma entered the 5th place bracket and won two games to capture 5th place. After all of that, it’s easy to see that the team has a lot to work on but it’s going to be a lot of fun to get this team where it needs to be come September.

Without further ado, the roster for your 2014 Dayton Enigma:

#0 JT “Jit” Fischer - O Line Cutter (Wright State)*
#1 Michael “Rapsheet” Mills - D Line Cutter (Dayton)
#2 Evan “Van” Wilder - D Line Cutter (Washington University)*
#3 Chris “Chrispy” Pickard - O Line Handler (Wright State)
#5 Todd Chamberlain - O Line Utility (Ohio Northern)
#6 Jesse “Zubat” Grewal - O Line Cutter (Dayton)
#7 Jack Kelly - D Line Cutter (Wright State)
#8 Zach Peugh - O Line Handler (Ohio State)*
#9 Alex “Flammchops” Flamm - O Line Cutter (Cincinnati)*
#10 Chad “Mr. President” Gregory - D Line Handler (Ohio State)
#11 Micky Koho - D Line Cutter (Northwestern)*
#13 Benny Rider - D Line Handler (Wright State)*
#15 Brian “Waffles” Walsh - O Line Handler (Dayton)
#16 Kaz Teope - D Line Handler (Air Force)*
#17 Alex Semaca - O Line Cutter (Cornell)
#19 Dylan Corwin - D Line Cutter (Dayton)*
#22 Matt “Watersnake” Muhlenkamp - O Line Cutter (Wright State)
#27 Ian Cannon - O Line Handler (Dayton)*
#34 Josh Fries - O Line Handler (Harvard/Wright State)*
#37 Tony “Little Cesar” Donato - D Line Handler (Cedarville)*
#54 Avery Moeller - D Line Cutter (Wright State)
#66 Z Knight - O Line Cutter (Dayton)
#68 Dan Miner - D Line Handler (Wheaton)*
#73 Adam Luthman - D Line Cutter (Clemson)*
#76 Jordan Kinde - O Line Handler (Wright State)*
#88 Matt McDonald - O Line Handler (Air Force)
#97 Alan Huels - D Line Cutter (Dayton)

* = Brand New Enigma Rookie

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There are three practices left until Scinny. Get out there and work hard so we can take it to everyone in Lebanon. We will be playing for the Golden Gnome once again, and we need to get that thing back from CaSTLe.

Not the actual Golden Gnome

There are also three practices (and a tournament) left until we announce the full roster for Enigma in 2014. You’ve seen a few announcements in the last couple of weeks on our Facebook page, but we will not be announcing anymore until after Scinny. Please fill out the spreadsheet so that we know who is coming to practice, and also let us know your availability for the tournaments (especially the Series). These kind of things make a difference.

Also, make sure to turn in dues before Scinny and get jersey money in as soon as you can.

Just for nostalgia sake, my favorite Enigma highlight video:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Getting Ready for Scinny

Monkey Bowl has come and gone, after only losing to one team (twice) Enigma is looking forward to driving much less for our next tournament at the end of June. Scinny is up next, in Lebanon, and this will be the last tryout tournament for the boys from Dayton. We will  play some tougher teams at Scinny, but expect to be competitive and strive to win the Golden Gnome.

Don’t forget to get your dues in if you haven’t paid yet. The $35 ($20 if you were in Dayton Spring League) pays for practice and the first two tournament bids. Also, don’t forget that we will get jersey forms ready soon. Just waiting on a sample so we can see if we want to get way cheaper subs.

After Scinny, the roster will be put together with 27 guys that we hope can help us compete at our highest level at Motown, Three Ring Rally, Sectionals and Regionals. Remember that everyone who is cut from the final roster is still able to come to practice and be a part of that. In the case of final roster players not making tournaments because of injury or other reasons, we will draw people from the practice squad to fill the gap.

A word on what we are looking for when we select the final roster:

-Skill/Talent/Ultimate IQ/Field Awareness
-Obviously we want good ultimate players who can make plays to help us win games

-Knowing how to play and act in your role
-If you don’t have a throw, don’t try it in a big game. If you aren’t an established leader on the team, maybe you hold back on critiquing teammates. Just a couple examples.

-Being a fantastic teammate
-Fun to be around, positive attitude, rowdy on the sideline...those kind of things

-Listens and responds to critique in a positive way, works hard at practice, etc.

We will begin rolling out some roster announcements next week. These announcements shouldn’t be shocking, and all of the major decisions will be made after Scinny.

Under a month left until we do have the full roster put together. There will be some difficult decisions to be made this year, which is something that is kind of new for Enigma. Work hard and layout, zero - zero.