Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nati Open

So Enigma just hosted the first (annual??) Nati Open. This year it was a one day tournament with only 5 teams: Enigma, Lake Effect, Cinci Open, Breakers Mark, and Age Against the Machine. I feel like cutting to the chase, so here are the scores:

Enigma 13 over Age 4
Enigma 13 over Cinci Open 4
Engima 13 over Breakers Mark 7
Enigma over Lake Effect 7

We had 2 subs for most of the day until the last game when we had a lonely sub the entire game. Playing near savage for 4 games was a good experience and for everyone that was there I'm sure we all have much more confidence going into sectionals here in less than a month.

Enigmen, continue running and throwing as much as you can here in the next month. Sectionals is going to be a blast, and Regionals needs to be in more than the back of your mind at this point.

His name was Pegasus....

The video from the Age scrimmage is uploading right now, so I'll post a link when it's done.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Practice comes to an end

I have been informed that it has been a while since the blog has been updated, so here it goes. (Hoy, for you I almost stopped there) But for everyone else, practice has come to a conclusion for the season ending with a 2 game scrimmage in Cinci against Age Against the Machine. Enigma brought sublimated jerseys and hucks a plenty, but our man defense left much to be desired. Fellas, bring it upon yourselves to condition in this month before sectionals we have. Everyone get as fit and as tan as Butters, then a Regionals appearance including a Hoover hosting will be all but guaranteed.

Oh, and there may have been a small amount of footage accumulated through these tournaments this summer, so with Ames breathing down my neck I will begin putting together a little highlight reel to show how good you guys are and how many turns I have.

Video will be up in 6 months at the latest.