Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hoosier Hoedown

Sorry it took a while to get these up, but here are the Hoosier Hoedown results:

Day 1:
L Indy Ruckus 12 - 13
W Salvage 13 - 10
L Spoiler 7 - 13
W Big River 13 - 3

Day 2:
L Madison Club 6 - 13
W Salvage 13 - 8
L Jizzapalooza 7 - 13

Congratulations on Butters and Greg on being the first members of Enigma to both receive the Gumball Award in the same weekend. In case you weren't here this past weekend, Butters had a mad sky over Wisconsin's All Region member: Jon Gaynor, Greg had some monstrous bids, not even just straight out... more like shoulder level launches into the air.

Gentlemen, we have 2 weeks of practice before The Rock, and that is going to be another big tournament for us. Again, there are going to be a lot of good teams there, so we need to make sure that we are ready.

Few things to consider during practice these next couple weeks:
  • If you guys get an opportunity outside of practice, try to get some running in. Any extra conditioning we get in before The Rock and Sectionals will give us that extra edge on those universe points we get stuck on so very often.
  • Abdominal workouts! Planks, crunches, etc... Get it done!
  • For that extra vertical, get some calf raises in fellas! Toes straight out, toes pointed in, and toes out.
Team photo taken courtesy of Mrs. Gooley

Enigma, guys if you have time through out the next two weeks, get some conditioning in and be ready for it during practices. Peace fellas.