Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Season has come to an end

And the video is now up:

Well gentlemen, we had another excellent year culminated with a 7th place finally at Sectionals. Also, I have a teensy amount of footage (excluding all our great plays of course) so I'll be putting together another little video if it appears to be good enough. Anyways, here are the Sectionals results...

Day One:
W 17 - 8 Silver Bullet Band
L 17 - 12 Lake Effect
W 15 - 10 Ohio University

Day Two:
L 10 - 15 Kenobie
W 16 - 15 Joyce
L 13 - 14 Ohio University*

* UPA score reporter says something like 15 - 10 and that is bogus

So for those of you that weren't there, here is a brief recap. Enigma opened strong against Silver Bullet Band putting an emphasis on the game to come: Lake Effect. Against Silver Bullet Band, the fellows of Enigma capitalized on many turns and getting a few of their own. With the past experiences with Lake Effect, there was a great deal of anticipation for this game with both teams wanting to prove their place in the section.

Lake Effect came out well prepared on offense as well as on defense getting some crucial D's late in the game to seal their victory. The final game of day one was against OU who came out quick with a strong zone to stun Enigma early. But after taking that first deep breath, Enigma took a step back and proceeded to shred the college zone the way club teams love to do so much.

Day two began with a loss to "Russ in Tights," I'm sorry, I mean Kenobie. We played a good game but it was taken when "Russ in Tights" caught some hammer swill. Then came probably the most intense game of the weekend. Joyce. With the Baumanns playing for OSU and myself picking up Joyce at CHC, the desire for these 2 premier teams to prove their worth was quite obvious.

(I know this is beginning to be a little less brief then originally planned in case you were wondering) Enigma fought Joyce tooth and claw, trading upwind points, getting breaks, then Joyce answering right back. With a few layout D's from Mike Ames and a spectacular layout grab in the endzone from Scotty, Enigma closed the game 16 - 14. Then we lost to OU. Boo.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Video from The Rock

Finally got this put together so I don't want to talk your ear off. Watch it here if you haven't seen it, or if you've seen it on Facebook still watch it here cuz the quality will be better.

Enigma: [The Rock] from Chris Powers on Vimeo.

Hope you like it, the slow motion, and that you get pumped up for Sectionals! I can't help it, but when Greg foot-blocks that guy and he puts his hands up then Greg is just walkin away, I love it. Bamf!