Thursday, February 27, 2014

Building the Community

This blog post is dedicated to those Enigmen and women out there who are helping to grow our sport. In Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, our team is dedicating a lot of time and effort to teach ultimate to young players in those respective areas.

I was at the YUC (Youth Ultimate of Cincinnati) lock-in last weekend and was amazed at how many kids were there playing ultimate. I have been in and around YUC for 4 years now, and did not expect to see as many high schoolers as I did. It’s an exciting time to be playing ultimate, and Enigmen were there in numbers.

Mike, Tim, and Todd were at the lock-in representing the Cincinnati Revolution, who did a great job putting together drills and games for the kids to interact with professionals. Joe Z and myself (Chad) were fortunate enough to coach an awesome team of kids, and we had a blast. The lock-in was a major success for all parties involved.

Beyond the lock-in, I believe the Revolution plan to continue their youth/community involvement. This is great for the sport, and should be a good boost to their ticket sales as well. We also have a number of people involved in the YUC league as high school coaches. Tim will be coaching Springboro, Todd will likely be involved with either Sycamore or Milford after tax season, and of course we have the squadron of coaches at Centerville with Hoy, Joe Z, Z Knight, Allison, and Esteban. I’ll be involved with Centerville at a minimal level, but I am also coaching a first year program at Oakstone Academy in Columbus. (If I’m missing anyone, let me know)

Last but not least, it’s always important to recognize and thank Brewster for the hard work he has put in to make Dayton ultimate a real thing. It’s been a full year of leagues now, and he is gearing up the community for the second year of spring league. Awesome stuff.

Oh, and Token found out he is staying in Dayton. So be ready for news on what the season will look like before the end of March. Congrats Zubat.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


It’s mid-late February and here come some notes to get you thinking about Enigma!

This week has been relatively warm; but as you know, this winter has been brutally cold at times. Still, Dayton ultimate is thriving. The indoor winter leagues seem to be a success and the weather hasn’t stopped the local college teams as they travel south for warmer playing conditions (though superior competition might, I don’t know).

In snowier news, a few Enigmen joined up with local oldsters to play at Arctic Vogue once again. This year the snow was above the ankle (almost knee deep on Dilworth in some areas) Saturday morning and after an easy 11-1 win in the first game, Thunderpants the Magic Dragon lost the magic and the next two games. Sunday was easier running as the snow had been packed down, and Thunderpants rolled in to get beat by Frostboat for the first game of the day. However, consecutive victories over Animas Raptor from Tennessee (same team we beat day 1) and Cedarville’s B team raised spirits. We also saw Chase “cut like he’s at summer league” thereby making Todd proud.

Now for some actual Enigma news. There really isn’t much to be shared, but we do need to take a second to be proud of how many Enigmen will be playing/working for the Cincinnati Revolution this year. It’s like... 9, I think…

We are also starting to look at tournaments to attend this year and some may be interested to know that Monkey Bowl (Nashville, TN) will be held on May 31st and June 1st. If we chose to go to Monkey Bowl it would be our first tournament of 2014 and would likely be a fun “team-building” tournament to get us going.

This blog should be getting more active as we move along. Let us know what’s on your mind!

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